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WJUSD Mission:

preparing and empowering all students for a future of endless possibilities


Our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Tenets

The vision for C.E. Dingle Elementary School staff is to educate students to become productive and contributing members of our democratic society.

The C.E. Dingle Elementary School staff believes that all students can learn and are entitled to a positive educational experience that celebrates student achievement. The staff, in conjunction with the school community, is committed to providing quality programs that meet the educational needs of our diverse student population and prepares them to successfully meet future challenges.

Our school community is dedicated to continual improvement.  As a result:

  • There are high academic and social expectations for each student and adult;
  • Attitudes are positive and the cultural backgrounds of individuals are valued and accepted;
  • Each student and adult will be given the opportunity and encouragement to develop his/her potential;
  • Families are essential partners in the educational process and work together with staff to promote student’s achievement and success;
  • Staff members will collaborate, practice, model, and teach the LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines;
  • Procedures, routines, and structures are in place that make parents, staff, and students feel safe, secure, and welcome

General Information

C.E. Dingle Elementary was built in 1914.  It is one of the oldest schools in Woodland Joint Unified School District and is a registered historical site.  Both staff and students are very proud of the school’s history.  The recently modernized building has bright, inviting classrooms that support student learning.  Our staff is always improving instruction and academic support for students.  Parents and staff work together to make changes that improve instruction and the learning environment. 

School Colors:Red / White

Student Population:  400 (approx.)

School Mascot:    Panther -  Panthera Pardus

The panther is a member of the cat family.  It is graceful, alert and clever.  It was believed by Native Americans that these animals were sacred and gave wisdom and power.